ImmigrantCvrOnly.jpg The Immigrant

All eleven-year-old Ignacio Narvaez and his parents wanted was a better life, even if they had to illegally enter the United States from Mexico to get it. But their dream was cut short when a fiery freeway crash results in both parents’ death, leaving Ignacio grief-stricken and alone in America.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service attorney Megan Andrade takes a special interest in the child, and she and her friend Jeffrey Harrison manage to get custody of the boy. But all Ignacio wants is to return to his village in Mexico, where his sister Esmeralda waits. Hoping to help his cause, Ignacio gives a package he found at the accident site to Megan and Jeffrey. Unfortunately, a major drug cartel in northern Mexico wants the package back—and they’ll do anything to get it.

Megan and Jeffrey know they cannot let the contents of the package fall into the cartel’s hands. But even more importantly, they must reunite brother and sister and bring healing to a broken family. From Texas to Mexico, the three make a journey fraught with danger, deadly secrets, and devastating betrayal. It is a journey that will threaten everything Megan holds dear—even her life.

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